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Get ready for the gold with the Winly Business Olympics

Get ready for the gold with the Winly Business Olympics

by Nicolegvalentine 23 Feb 2018 Comment (0)

With the Olympics upon us, we thought it would be a good time to think about the Business Olympics. These games are here to make your business come out on top. Here at Winly, we are always competing in our own Olympics. As most of you know by now, we have 12 playbooks that are available at your disposal. Each playbook has a questionnaire you can fill out to see how you measure up. Below are the different playbooks, so use them and bring home the gold:

The Advisory Board Playbook

Having an advisory board is all too important for a business. These are the people who are your strategic accelerators and can launch your business. Building a ‘dream team’ of sorts will help create a solid business foundation for your new business.

The Brand Playbook

In order to stand out you have to have a specific brand. Your brand is everything from the product you sell to the small stuff such as the logo on your website. It can be a costly venture, but we assure you that it’s one you’re going to want to make. This is one of the things that distinguishes you from your competitors.

The Co-Marketing Playbook

Partnerships are key to a business. This doesn’t always mean a partner in your business, but someone who can help you and in return you can help them. This playbook will help you decide what partnerships are worth investing in and which aren’t going to be as helpful.

The Government Playbook

Perhaps you have a product that the government can use. The U.S. Government is the largest consumer of goods. Our playbook will give you tips on where to start and help you learn which government markets will work best for you!

The Innovation Playbook

Being a business that thrives in innovative ideas is ideal. Remember not to overthink it, but think about how you can tweak what you already have and make it better, more user friendly, or even create an additional detail that will be a complete game changer.

The Investor Playbook

Investors can be essential for a new business. Our playbook will help you go for the gold by teaching you how to gain investors and keep you from going completely broke. We know that a new business isn’t easy or financially thrilling, but by utilizing someone else’s money you’ll walk away a winner.

The New Market Playbook

Getting started in a new market can be quite a challenge. Like the Olympic athletes, a little training and dedication can get you to the top. In this case, we aren’t using muscles so much as we are using research. Data is your best friend when integrating into a new market and knowing what strategies work will help you do so with complete success.

The Partnership Playbook

Having a business partner can help not only monetarily, but also with your customer base. By becoming a partner with another business, you can open yourself up to combining several playbooks such as innovative, new market and even your brand playbook.

The Philanthropy Playbook

Picking a cause that you and your business can give too can help you stand out. By being a part of a foundation, you open yourself up to meeting all kinds of new people who can help you out in the future.

The PR Playbook

Being aware of your image is essential to gaining new customers. Making sure that you maintain your image can be a task, but it’s not impossible. Make sure that you have your story and script ready for interviews and television spots just like the pro athletes.

The Signature Event Playbook

Creating a signature even is a fun way to get your customers engaged and show that you are the host with the most! Make a tantalizing event that showcases you and your new venture in either a live or online space.

The Top 10 Customer Playbook

Always remember your customers. These are the people who keep your business alive and well. By keeping tabs of your top customers, you have a better idea of what demographic you’re really meeting. Our playbook will teach you how to utilize this data as well as strategies for keeping your customers coming back for more.

After browsing through our playbooks be sure to rank yourself wither gold, silver or bronze at

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